Moto-Grip™ is the first motorcycle passenger safety accessory of its kind. Worn by the motorcycle operator and gripped by the passenger, the harness and handgrips are positioned high to ensure maximum safety and comfort for operator and passenger.
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safe-grip"...Like all passengers, children belong on back, raising a separate set of of worries about falling off.  A passenger harness can prevent this worst-case scenario.  By far the best is the Moto-Grip..."

-Motorcyclist Magazine.  April 2012.

"... A thoughtful gift for riders with kids."

-RoadBike Magazine.  January/February 2012.

“…Very impressed with both the build quality—you could tandem skydive with this rig—and the functionality. It’s been very easy and intuitive to use, both for me and my girls. Good stuff, and I can’t wait to share it with our readers…”

 -Aaron Frank, Editor-At-Large, Motorcyclist Magazine

"... I simply don’t have enough positive to say about it. I love it, but I think my wife is the bigger fan. She says the Moto-Grip literally changes everything for her. She honestly couldn’t have made it through our trip without it, and she requests it even for short rides.  I finally tried the... [Moto-Grip Jr.] for the first time a couple weeks ago with my son, and it’s equally impressive. I thought we’d not really be interested in it, but it’s a total hit.  You’ve got some great products on your hands, man.” 

-Michael “Zolo” Palazzolo , Ducati Owner and Blogger, Jackson Hole, WY

“Andrew, I just wanted to get back to you and tell you that I did purchase a Moto-Grip harness through Iron Pony. I couldn’t be more satisfied! What a quality product! I would recommend the Moto-Grip to anyone looking for this type of application!" 

-Dale Fischer, Satisfied Customer

"Riding on the back of my husband's Honda VFR is exhilarating and liberating.  Gone is the stress and the week's worries.   It provides a togetherness that non-riders often have trouble understanding.   So when rheumatoid arthritis took it toll in my hands, I thought the joy of riding together had come to an end.... holding onto the [passenger] handlebars but too much pressure on my wrists and hands.   Then my husband read about your product on line.   Long story short, thanks to the Moto-Grip harness, I am back to riding safely and comfortably.  My husband and I can't thank you enough!"

-Terri Thompson, Satisfied Customer


The Moto-Grip™ is the first motorcycle passenger safety accessory of its kind.  Worn by the operator and gripped by the passenger, the Moto-Grip is a specially designed safety harness equipped with front and rear handgrip sets.

Because the passenger is seated higher than the operator on most motorcycles, the harness and handgrips are also positioned high to maximize stability and comfort for both operator and passenger.  The harness is also adjustable to accommodate additional inclement weather outerwear worn by operator.

The Moto-Grip is also an invaluable safety accessory for ATV, snowmobile and moped enthusiasts. Moreover, the Moto-Grip is designed for use in combination with the Moto-Grip Jr.™, an innovative child motorcycle passenger safety restraint, sold separately.

The Moto-Grip is made of the finest industrial strength polyester webbing available and the world’s strongest (and most expensive) 7075 aluminum alloy and solid brass quick release buckles, with a maximum passenger load of 300 pounds/136 KG and a minimum overall break strength of 2000 LB/907 KG.

The Moto-Grip comes in 3 sizes.  All 3 sizes run large in order to accommodate extra inclement weather outerwear.  Please note the operator weight range for each size prior to placing your order:   

Small (operators < 175 LB / 80 KG)

Medium (operators < 225 LB / 102 KG)

Large (operators 225 LB / 102 KG +)

Failure to comply with product instructions, warnings and inspection guidelines may result in serious injury or death. To download a Moto-Grip Safety Sheet, click on this Download Flyer link.  For questions about proper use of this product, do not hesitate to contact us at

Designed & Strength Tested in USA.  Made in China.  This product is patent pending (Copycat Warning)

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